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,, CIRCOM Development Corporation is introducing a new Circular Rotary Turbine  Engine to the industrial market place. This new Circular Rotary Turbine Engine  principle has an effective application in most all known areas of mechanical power generation as presently utilized in the industrial world today. The unique concept of this engine allows varying designs of functional operation with  differing physical and structural characteristics to satisfy today's industrial applications environment.


The Circom™ technology is a patented design for a true circular rotary engine.   This technology revolutionizes fuel powered engine design and efficiency.  The proprietary “Circom™” designs promise the combination of the most horse power per pound, the most fuel efficiency and the ability to utilize the widest array of fuels from bio-gas (approximately 65% CH4 (Methane) and 35% CO2 (Carbon Dioxide) to Ethanol, Bio-Diesel, Hydrogen, HHO, petroleum fuels, or blends.    As a true rotary engine with as few as eight moving parts, it promises less wear and maintenance than a standard reciprocal engine or even the Wankel™ style rotary engine.   The technology also offers the incorporation of advanced composite technology to further improve the weight to power ratio, and thereby overall performance.  Contact us for further information.

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